ACB Quality Policy

"ACB is committed to provide freight forwarding services that meet the needs and expectations of its customers consistently, timely, safely and economically." 

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Quality Management

Quality Management:

Customer Satisfaction:
is the result of rigorous and continuous quality management of ACB services.

For large volume customers an appropriate SOP is arranged covering all aspects of movement from A to Z and operational staff is well versed to follow strictly every step of SOP.

Quality Management:
Intensive in-house training to all personnel. Regular attendance of workshops and Seminars for Key Personnel from National Organization such Pakistan Institute of Management, Institute of Quality Pakistan, IBM, Microsoft and Other Multinationals offering trainings.

We have had number of one day training sessions for entire staff employing external quality auditors services. This was done for Karachi Head Office and at Lahore for all the rest of the branches.

IT Technology:

is widely used and has the distinction of first logistics company in Pakistan to have computerize operational system in addition to track & trace system.

We have in house software development team working to improve management system continuously.

Committed Personnel:

are our most important asset and the guarantee of a successful future for our company.

Environmental Responsibility:
is demonstrated at ACB by linking ecology and economy and also by our active environmental management.

All Office and Premises are NO SMOKING AREAS